Biden Finds Himself on Wrong End of Embarrassing Hashtag

The Biden administration is likely growing accustomed to being in a mode of damage control, but it must still sting when Twitter sees something embarrassing trending in the direction of the White House.

Biden, who appeared to be a fairly reluctant candidate for President to begin with, has been rather ineffective as a Commander in Chief as well, leading many to wonder if his heart was ever really in it to begin with.

Now, as the supply chain crisis continues to spiral out of control, the President is once again feeling the wrath of social media.

The hashtag #BareShelvesBiden has been making the rounds on Twitter as shoppers use the slogan when posting pictures of empty and sparse grocery store shelves to the social media site.

Images of barren shelves were shared by Americans far and wide, including media members, politicians, and other shoppers as they feel the effects of supply chain issues and labor shortages under the Biden administration.

The situation appeared quite bleak on Twitter.

Biden’s ineffective leadership is not likely to spur much confidence in the situation rectifying itself anytime soon, either.