Biden Gas Prices Hit INSANE New Milestone

As we glance around this great, diverse nation of ours, we see a smorgasbord of cultures, lifestyles, careers, and taste.  It’s a beautiful thing, this melting pot of ours, and for more reasons than simple diversity.

You see, having a wide variety of eyes on any problem is the best way to solve it.  And, in extrapolating that truth, we can come to the understanding that having a diverse set of eyes on the nation at large will help us to prioritize our nation’s problems according to just how many of us are affected.

Such is the case with gas prices, particularly as the Biden economic agenda continues to fail us in just about every way imaginable.

Wednesday marks the ninth consecutive day that gas prices have reached yet another record high in President Joe Biden’s America, with no immediate relief in sight.

The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline hit another record high on Wednesday, reaching $4.567. That reflects a five-cent increase in the last day and a roughly 16-cent increase over the last week alone. In the last month, the national average for regular gas jumped by 48 cents.

The numbers are terrifying.

Currently, the national average for mid-grade fuel is $4.912. Premium is now well over $5.00 a gallon, standing at $5.200. Diesel also hit a new record high on Wednesday, with the national average standing at $5.577.

Several states are seeing average figures far above the national average, including California, where the average price now tops $6.00 — $6.050. Notably, no state has an average price under $4.00 per gallon.

This is an issue affecting ever single American, of course, which should have it high on the list of priorities for the administration.

Of course, judging by the prolonged rate of elevation, it would be hard to suggest that the White House has a handle on this at all.