Biden Gets ‘Handsy’ With Eva Longoria- Watch!

President Biden found himself at the center of controversy once again, as he greeted actress Eva Longoria with one of his classic, lingering hugs during a film screening at the White House on Thursday. The President’s questionable remarks and physical interaction with Longoria have reignited concerns about his history of uncomfortable encounters, particularly with women and young girls.

Addressing the audience, President Biden jokingly reminisced about their long-standing acquaintance, claiming that they had met when Longoria was underage. While his remark was met with laughter, the age difference he mentioned raised eyebrows and fueled further scrutiny.

The incident took a more uncomfortable turn as the 80-year-old President, known for his overly familiar approach, embraced the 48-year-old actress. Longoria had to physically move away from Biden, taking his hands off her sides. A photograph from the encounter captured the President’s hands appearing to graze her breasts, adding to the discomfort of the situation.

β€œShe was 17, I was 40,” he said, which was met with laughter from the crowd.

However, Biden would have been 50 when Longoria was 17. When he was 40, she would have been seven years old.

This encounter is not an isolated incident, as President Biden has faced similar criticism in the past for his inappropriate behavior towards women and young girls. From whispering into the ear of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s wife during a public event to repeatedly trying to kiss or touch young girls who seemed visibly uncomfortable, these incidents have not gone unnoticed.

In response to President Biden’s latest encounter, the rapid response team for Republican Florida Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis released a video compilation highlighting the President’s uncomfortable moments with women and girls.

Despite the controversy surrounding President Biden’s conduct, the focus of the event was the film “Flamin’ Hot,” marking Longoria’s directorial debut. The film tells the story of a Mexican American janitor at Frito Lay who allegedly invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. However, a Los Angeles Times investigation casts doubt on the claims made by Richard Montanez, the inspiration behind the janitor character, as numerous former Frito-Lay employees have disputed his involvement.

Nonetheless, President Biden commended the film during his speech, praising it as a tale of courage and celebrating the diversity of backgrounds represented in the United States.

The White House defended its decision to screen the film, emphasizing that it is not a documentary but rather an opportunity to showcase diverse voices and experiences on the big screen. Despite the controversy surrounding the film’s authenticity, the White House aimed to provide Americans from various backgrounds a chance to see themselves reflected and celebrated by the President.

As criticism mounts over President Biden’s conduct and his questionable remarks at the White House event, the incident adds to the ongoing scrutiny of his behavior, reinforcing concerns raised by his political opponents and the wider public regarding his approach to personal interactions.