Biden May Hand Sovereignty Over To WHO

Imagine for a moment another pandemic breaks while Biden is President and the World Health Organization declares that nations must create quarantine camps and completely lockdown the country. No places of worship will be allowed to open for safety purposes, guns will need to be confiscated, and food will be rationed. Oh, and when a vaccine is made available, you will be physically forced to receive it or they will take everything.

Even though most of what I just described was found unconstitutional in the United States, Biden is about to join an international accord making that all very possible.

Now, there is a USA Today “fact-check” out there stating that Biden has not given away US sovereignty to WHO. The fact checked stated that, “The proposed accord is meant to encourage global cooperation in responding to a pandemic.”

That is misinformation.

First off, they are right. Biden has not handed over sovereignty…yet. The accord has not been fully drafted and isn’t set to be done until 2024.

Throughout 2020 WHO complained they didn’t have enough control over pandemic restrictions and vaccine distribution.

A special session of the World Health Assembly held from 29 November to 1 December 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland, began the framework for an accord. reported on the outcome of the meeting:

After considering a wide range of recommendations for improving the global pandemic response, attendees from the WHO’s member states decided to take several actions. One is to strengthen the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHRs) — a set of international laws designed to slow the spread of a disease. One change that could be discussed next year is granting the WHO the ability to declare a pandemic (currently, it can only declare a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ — a move that didn’t elicit a strong global response for COVID-19).

Notice the part about “international laws.”

The Biden administration is using different verbiage.

“We seek a Pandemic Accord that builds capacities; reduces pandemic threats posed by zoonotic diseases; enables rapid and more equitable responses; and establishes sustainable financing, governance, and accountability to ultimately break the cycle of panic and neglect,” Biden State Department wrote in an annoucement to take part in the draft.

“We appreciate the focus on equity in Chapter III but also agree it must be better integrated across the draft. Our work must be inclusive and applicable for the improved health and wellbeing of all people. A commitment to “equity” must address inequities not only between countries, but also within them.  Not just protecting populations from pandemics – but also from illness, death, and disrupted access to essential health care services during pandemics, including sexual and reproductive health services,” they added.

In other words, Biden would impose these “international laws” for the sake of “equity.”

Can we just talk about “equity” for a second?

Let’s not forget that the United States and the rest of the first world bought up most of the supply of mRNA vaccine doses. In 2021, developing or poor nations couldn’t get doses due to a lack of supply or simply because they couldn’t afford it.

WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus complained about this in June of 2021.

“It’s not hesitancy. It’s lack of vaccines. And the situation in many low-income countries, especially Africa, it’s very worrisome,” Tedros said. “There is no vaccine. You can’t even talk about delivery or absorption capacity when there’s no vaccine.”

It doesn’t sound like much “equity” was going on when elitists in DC were scared to death of COVID.

The pandemic accord process is tentatively scheduled to finish in 2024.