Biden Offers to Meet with Putin…On ONE Condition

The situation in Eastern Europe appears to be continuing to deteriorate this week, with the Russian military adding a massive cache of troops and armaments to the region despite President Vladimir Putin’s continued insistence that no such invasion of Ukraine is on the books.

Of course, it’s always been hard to determine just how seriously we can take Vladimir Putin at any point in time, and whether or not he’s ever to be believed.

This is why US President Joe Biden is now dangling a summit over his Russian counterpart’s head…but with one big catch.

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to “the principle” to meet for a summit discussing “security and strategic stability in Europe,” but will only take place if Russia does not invade Ukraine.

The summit will be discussed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during their meeting on Thursday.

The meeting would be brokered by a third nation, and comes at a very crucial time in the crisis.

The potential summit was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, and a press release states that the summit “can only be held at the condition that Russia does not invade Ukraine.”

The announcement comes just hours after Fox News confirmed that Russian commanders have been given orders to carry out an invasion of Ukraine.

Given the sort of intelligence that the US and other allies have been gathering of late, it appears as though an invasion is imminent…now it’s just a matter of determining whether or not Putin is going to play along for a week longer or not.