Biden orders Activation of 3,000 Reservists

In a move aimed at bolstering U.S. forces in Europe and countering Russian aggression, President Joe Biden has issued an order permitting the Pentagon to call up to 3,000 military reservists for deployment. The announcement comes as the conflict in Ukraine reaches its 500th day and tensions continue to escalate.

According to the order released by the White House, President Biden deemed it necessary to augment the existing U.S. forces, which currently stand at approximately 80,000 troops, tasked with deterring further Russian aggression. The deployment of reservists will enable the Department of Defense to better support and sustain its enhanced presence and level of operations, as stated by Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims, the director for operations on the Joint Staff.

Under Biden’s order, up to 450 reservists can be drawn from the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), which consists of service members approaching the end of their enlistment contracts and no longer required to attend regular drills and training. This decision showcases the administration’s commitment to utilizing available resources and ensuring a strong defense posture in the face of Russia’s illegal and unprovoked war on Ukraine, as affirmed by Lt. Gen. Sims.

Additionally, President Biden’s order designates U.S. European Command’s Operation Atlantic Resolve as a “contingency operation.” This classification will grant troops and their families increased authority, entitlements, and access to reserve component forces and personnel, offering vital support to those engaged in the region.

Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, emphasized that this order provides the ability to call upon National Guard or reserve forces to support Operation Atlantic Resolve, granting them comparable benefits to their active duty counterparts. The decision aligns with previous actions taken by the Biden administration, which dispatched additional service members to Eastern Europe before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of the previous year.

While President Biden has reiterated that the United States will not deploy troops to Ukraine to engage in direct combat against Russian forces, the country has provided substantial financial aid to assist in the defensive efforts of Ukraine. Recently, the United States delivered cluster bombs to Ukraine, despite their ban in over 100 countries due to concerns about civilian safety. President Biden justified the decision by stating that Ukraine required these munitions to counter the Russian offensive effectively.

This latest order from President Biden comes shortly after the NATO summit in Vilnius, during which he pledged unwavering support for Ukraine. However, he emphasized that the conflict in Ukraine must conclude before any consideration of Ukraine’s inclusion in the alliance can take place.