Biden Plan to Mail COVID Tests to Americans Hits EMBARRASSING Snag

They say that the federal government is bloated and ineffective.  They say that the bureaucracy of it all is smothering our ability to achieve.  They worry that perhaps the entire institution has become an obsolete nightmare of regulation and regurgitation.

And they’d be right.

While the government holds a monopoly on quite a few of the necessities of American life, they also can’t seem to make anything work right the first time to save their lives.  And, in this case, it very well could save literal lives.

The Biden administration’s website to order free rapid Covid-19 tests is up, and some users trying to get the tests delivered to apartments and other multi-unit residences ran into problems.

The website,, went live a day earlier than anticipated in a “beta test” on Tuesday, sending millions of users to sign up for the tests from an order form ahead of a Wednesday morning launch. A White House official said this was “standard practice to address troubleshooting” to make Wednesday’s launch “as smooth … as possible.”

So, what happened?

Some residents in multi-unit dwellings tried to register to have tests delivered but received error messages saying tests already had been ordered for their address. An administration official said the problem was not widespread and that orders are being prioritized for people in areas facing disproportionate Covid-19 cases and deaths — the first 20 percent of test orders processed will be for people in vulnerable ZIP codes.

For many, this is yet another example of a simple task that our overly complex, mutated government truly cannot handle correctly, and is a pockmark on the already spotty record of the Biden administration when it comes to COVID.