Biden Senate Ally Says Harris Is Ready To Take Over

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), a close ally of President Joe Biden, said that Vice President Kamala Harris is ready to run for president and be commander in chief if the need arises. Coons made the remarks on ABC’s “This Week” interview, less than a week after Biden announced that he would seek re-election in 2024 with Harris as his running mate.

Despite her poor approval ratings, Harris was chosen to be Biden’s running mate again. Critics have accused her of not taking her role as the leader of the Biden administration’s efforts to tackle the migration challenge at the U.S.-Mexico border seriously. The White House and Biden’s campaign are reportedly working on revamping Harris’s image, which is linked to concerns about Biden’s age and fitness to serve for eight years.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defended Biden’s fitness for a second term, saying that he is “100% incredibly sharp, incredibly probing, incredible command of the details, probing on the details, asking tough questions.”

Coons acknowledged that Harris is having difficulties earning favorable headlines but insisted that she is a strong leader. Coons traveled with Harris to Ghana and saw how “easy and engaging” she was in her speeches and meetings with national leaders. Coons also attended a campaign kickoff event with Harris and observed her abilities firsthand.

Overall, the comments made by Senator Chris Coons have sparked a debate about whether Kamala Harris is ready to be president. Only time will tell whether Harris will ever assume that role, but for now, we should continue to monitor her performance as vice president.