Biden Speaks With Ryan Seacrest On New Years Eve

President Joe Biden’s New Year’s resolution became a focal point of discussion after a casual interaction with reporters during his vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. While heading to dinner with First Lady Jill Biden and granddaughter Natalie Biden, the President was asked about his resolutions for the upcoming year.

His response, “To come back next year,” sparked various interpretations and discussions across different media outlets.

This led some to jokingly interpret his resolution as a promise to return to the island in 2024. Biden responded to these speculations with a joke, saying,I know you guys hate this assignment down here. I‘m sorry to bring you down here.”

However, alternative interpretations emerged, with some, like the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” humorously speculating that the resolution hinted at Biden’s return from vacation to resume work at the White House. This lighthearted banter, typical of media commentary, offered different takes on the President’s words.

Pete Hegseth from Fox News mused that Biden’s resolution could signify a pledge to “stay alive,” prompting jests and exchanges among the hosts regarding Biden’s health and the challenges he faced in his presidential role.

“That’s what it feels like, right?” cohost Johnny Joey Jones replied.

Rachel Campos-Duffy agreed saying, “That’s what Obama told him, to stay alive.”

“Joe, just make it, man,” Jones continued.

“I’m just coming back next year — which is tomorrow,” Hegseth joked.

Jones went on to say some resolutions he thought Biden should consider in 2024 such as: “Don’t let the dog bite as many people, don’t let the kids get in as much trouble.”

While Fox News engaged in a jovial discussion about Biden’s comments, former Biden campaign manager Kate Bedingfield addressed the resolution in a more diplomatic tone during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash.

Bedingfield acknowledged the upcoming challenges of the 2024 campaign season, “Look, it is absolutely going to be a rocky and challenging and close campaign. I don’t think there is any doubt about that, I certainly don’t think anybody in the Biden operation has any doubt about that. It’s going to be a challenging campaign,” Bedingfield added.