Biden Staffer’s Old Tweets Resurface, Spelling DOOM for Campaign’s Claims of Equality

Joe Biden is in a crucial and critical stage in his 2020 campaign, and any little slip up that comes in the next few weeks could spell doom for the Democratic candidate.

The last real decision coming for Biden will be for his running mate, and the list of possibilities is getting shorter by the minute.  The former Vice President has already committed to choosing a female VP of his own, and many have suggested that choosing a woman of color would draw in a number of Democratic voters who were perhaps wary of Biden’s centrism.

But, for as much progress as such a decision would provide, there are still some pretty severe skeletons in the Biden closet.

Joe Biden’s head of strategic communications, Kamau M. Marshall, has repeatedly posted sexist messages on social media over the past decade, beginning with a Christmas Eve 2011 tweet in which he expressed his affection for “power women” – as long as she “know[s] her place” and he can “where [sic] the pants.”

The social media posts are the latest example of a top Biden staffer undercutting the former vice president’s public messaging. On Friday, Fox News reported that a supervising videographer on the campaign, Sara Pearl, openly called for defunding the police and tweeted a meme mocking officers as worse than “pigs” – even as Biden says he only wants some money redirected from police departments.

Just how bad were the tweets?

In early 2012, Marshall inquired: “Are all women crazy???? Lol no offense ijs [I’m just saying].”

Later that year, he opined, “Nice guys finish last because they make sure their girl comes first.”

So much for the tolerance that the liberal left loves to brag about.