Biden Supply Chain Failure Could Mean NO TURKEY on Thanksgiving

President Joe Biden’s approval numbers are dropping like a sack of potatoes out of a C-130, and the latest disruption to our supply chain may just be the last straw for many Americans.

Biden’s administration has bene loathe to make any real progress on the issues facing the nation, instead choosing to fixate on the issues that plague Congress that have created a vast stagnation of our political system.

So, as the supply chain begins to wilt and crumble, the White House has been largely absent from the conversation, save an attempt at ramping up port hours on the west coast.

But now that there are major domestic supply chain issues looming, Biden and his cronies are nowhere to be found.

According to Market Research Firm IRI, by the end of October, turkeys were 60 percent out of stock. The USDA reports the production of fresh turkeys is down 1.4 percent this year.

IRI also reports that cranberry sauce is 20 percent out of stock and yams and sweet potatoes are a quarter out of stock.

Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster is already feeling the effects of supply chain issues. More than two weeks before Thanksgiving, they are out of fresh turkeys.

“It’s been crazy,” said Susan Miner, co-owner of Bob’s. “People were calling in August wanting to order their turkeys and we would not even go live with our order system until September 27th. And right away, hundreds of turkeys coming in daily, orders.”

The company suggested that a staff shortage, combined with earlier shopping on account of the threat of a shortage, have combined to make it much more difficult to find a turkey this year.

While many believed that the botched Afghanistan troop withdrawal would be Biden’s lasting legacy, a turkey-less Thanksgiving will certainly give it a run for its money.