Biden Takes Ugly Swipe at Trump, Essentially Calling Him ‘Chicken’

Joe Biden is doing everything he needs to do to keep his momentum up after Super Tuesday gave him a false victory to lord over the nation.

The win was phony because Super Tuesday’s primaries were always going to be going in Biden’s directions due to their geography.  When the large, western states get their chances to vote, Biden is going to be in some real trouble as Bernie Sanders looks to take those delegates easily and predictably.

That’s why the former Vice President has turned his attention toward Donald Trump, as it gives his supporters the prophetic perception that Biden is already facing the incumbent President in the general election.

During a preview clip of his interview with the “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie asked, “Do you think the president is rooting for Sanders?”

Biden said, “I don’t think the president wants to face me. I will beat him, period. Period. He’s done everything in his power— he’s even risked his presidency because he doesn’t want to face me.”

President Trump’s recent impeachment occurred as a result of a whistleblower complaint purporting that the Commander in Chief has extorted Ukraine in order to make the Biden family look bad ahead of the 2020 election.

President Trump was swiftly acquitted in that impeachment by the GOP-controlled Senate.