Biden Talks Bias and AI at the White House

In a White House address focused on artificial intelligence, President Biden’s response to a question about Chinese hackers has sparked reactions on social media. After humorously quipping that he was “the AI” and playfully attributing any mistaken historical identity to the AI, Biden delved into the potential of AI while acknowledging the risks it poses to society, the economy, and national security. He emphasized the need for companies working with AI to address bias and discrimination.

However, the attention soon shifted to an awkward moment during the event. As he wrapped up his speech, Biden walked away from the podium, mumbling and with his fists clenched. When a journalist attempted to inquire about the hacking of cabinet officials by China, Biden ignored the question and instead asked his staff about their plans.

This incident sparked ridicule and mockery on Twitter, with commentators and GOP communicator Paxton Harmon suggesting that the President seemed lost and out of touch. The Post Millennial editor Ari Hoffman humorously likened Biden to being “lost in his own museum,” while Townhall columnist Derek Hunter joked about other priorities for the President, referencing allegations from his time as Vice President about inappropriate behavior with children and collecting money.

Furthermore, radio host Ed Martin pointed out the lack of assistance Biden received from aides and the Secret Service, noting that the President had to open the door for himself, which some interpreted as a sign of disarray.

The focus then turned to the hacking incident itself. A Beijing-linked group of hackers reportedly exploited a flaw in Microsoft’s cloud-based security, gaining access to government email accounts and compromising hundreds of thousands of U.S. government emails. Among those affected was U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns. The State Department detected unusual activity and took immediate measures to secure their systems while promising continued vigilance.

Microsoft had earlier disclosed that the Chinese hacker group Storm-0558 had targeted around 25 organizations, including U.S. government agencies, in a cyber-espionage operation. This incident raised concerns about the vulnerability of government systems to such attacks and the need for robust cybersecurity measures.

As the news of the hacking incident emerged amid the President’s remarks on AI, critics pointed out the apparent lack of a direct response to the reporter’s question about the issue. This fueled the perception that Biden might be avoiding sensitive topics or grappling with the complexities of cybersecurity and foreign relations.

Fox News