Biden Team Uses New Protocol

According to a recent report from The New York Times, it seems that the Biden administration is taking extra measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the President.

From giving him cheat sheets at press conferences to keeping him away from traditional interviews, the Biden White House has been described as “cloistered” and focused on shielding the President from potential verbal and physical missteps.

The NYT referred to the Biden White House as “cloistered,” and said that “some of Mr. Biden’s key aides have gone from letting ‘Joe be Joe’ to wrapping a presidential cocoon around him that is intended to shield him from verbal slips and physical stumbles.”

One of the most notable changes that has been made is President Biden’s use of the shorter stairs when boarding Air Force One. This change was implemented after the President tripped on a sandbag during a graduation ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Now, a Secret Service agent stands at the bottom of the stairs while President Biden boards the plane, to prevent any falls.

But that’s not all. The Times also reports that the President has been given a shorter flight of stairs to directly enter the belly of Air Force One, instead of using the tall stairway that is usually wheeled up to a higher point on the plane. This is another measure put in place to prevent any potential accidents.

Additionally, the report mentions that the White House staff has taken steps to protect the President from verbal slips and stumbles. This includes giving him cheat sheets at press conferences and abruptly ending events, turning up music to drown out any potential questions from the press.

It’s worth noting that during the campaign, Biden and Harris promised to be the most transparent administration in history. However, it seems that the focus has shifted to protecting the President’s image and preventing any potential mistakes.