Biden tours White House Decorations With Jill

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, sent love to Americans as they celebrated Valentine’s Day. An art display was revealed featuring a large wooden red envelope that is addressed to “America” in her handwriting. It is accompanied by a bigger pink envelope with a card that reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO, Jill.”

This display has been carefully placed on the Pennsylvania Ave lawn of the White House to be featured in live TV shots. Mrs. Biden has made it a tradition to send expressions of love every Valentine’s Day since 2018. This marks the fourth time that she has made this gesture.

Jill Biden also added a third piece to the display- a box with 3D wooden renditions of the White House house with a burst of small pastel hearts scattered around it. Each one is painted with a different message of love, gratitude, and optimism. Some read “Be Kind,”Choose Love,” and “U R Special.”

The First Lady also arranged for a display inside the White House for visitors.

The first lady also led the President in a tour of the display. Twitter took to commenting on the encounter and that’s where things took a turn for the worse.

As they’re looking at one of the cards, Jill takes off, leaving him there as he’s still looking at the card.

He then told the reporters, “She never did this for me before when we were home.”

Then he asked her, “Wanna get a picture?”

Jill reminds Joe they already did. Yikes, They just took the pictures.

He then shuffled off, back inside with Jill.

Tony Kinnett posted on Twitter, “Honest question for the “it’s ok that he’s old” people: How are the American people supposed to trust that Biden won’t be easily manipulated by other heads of state who just tell him he already agreed to something?”

Another said, “This guy won’t be able to leave the house by the time November rolls around.”

After all the recent coverage of Biden and his cognitive decline, many Americans are not feeling confident in the leader of our country.

USA Today | Red State