Biden Vows to Veto Extremely Popular Bill with Bipartisan Backing

At some point in recent American history, our public servants stopped working for us and began a longstanding preoccupation with self-enrichment and self-preservation.  We tend to now elect these folks in popularity contests, not based on what they can feasibly accomplish for their constituents.

And so, instead of listening to the will of the people, our lawmakers have turned into a bit of a cabal, hellbent on protecting their cushy and comfortable existence at all costs.

A rather prominent example of this comes to us from the White House this week, where President Joe Biden has promised to veto a new bill coming through Congress that is extremely popular with Americans on both sides of the aisle.

President Joe Biden ridiculed the Republican Party on Monday for proposing a bill that would end the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and income taxes.

“They’re fiscally demented, I think,” he said, referring to Republicans.

The president spoke about Republican economic proposals during a breakfast speech for Martin Luther King Jr. Day hosted by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Biden raised concerns about the Republican plan that would end the IRS and income taxes in favor of what is called the “Fair Tax” which would create a National Sales Tax administered by the states.

Biden left no wiggle room whatsoever.

“Let me be clear: If any of these bills happen to reach my desk, I will veto them,” he said. “Any of them.”

The American electorate has nothing but disdain for the already-weaponized IRS, and solutions akin to the Fair Tax plan have been honed and proposed for decades by fiscal experts and well-versed lawmakers.  Biden’s blanket denial of this reality is delusional at best and negligent at worst.