Biden’s Age Concerns Addressed by White House

During Monday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre staunchly defended President Joe Biden’s capabilities and dismissed concerns regarding his age and stamina. The rebuttal came in response to former Obama adviser David Axelrod’s recent remarks questioning Biden’s age and suggesting his potential withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race due to a challenging poll.

Jean-Pierre asserted Biden’s stamina, wisdom, and ability to serve the American people, asserting her confidence in his capacities over any potential opponent. This followed Axelrod’s assessment that Biden’s age might pose a significant obstacle for voters, especially after a poll showed him trailing former President Donald Trump by significant margins in battleground states.

Axelrod, undeterred by reported criticism from Biden himself, reiterated his concerns, emphasizing the gravity of the situation given the country’s stakes in the next election.

Nevertheless, Jean-Pierre insisted that there was no cause for alarm within the White House regarding Biden’s age. She refrained from delving into individual opinions, maintaining that it was not her role to dictate public sentiment, whether from political analysts or the general populace.

She further conveyed the White House’s perspective, asserting that concerns weren’t about Biden’s age but rather his wealth of experience. Highlighting Biden’s track record of passing bipartisan legislation, Jean-Pierre defended the president’s abilities, emphasizing that his actions and accomplishments should be the yardstick for assessment, not solely polling numbers.

“The proof is in the pudding,” Jean-Pierre stated, emphasizing Biden’s achievements in navigating bipartisan cooperation. Her argument underscored the belief that Biden’s experience had been instrumental in accomplishing legislative success, downplaying concerns raised purely based on numerical data.

Fox News