Biden’s FDA Set to Band Juul E-Cigarettes Any Day Now

Over the course of the last several decades, and thanks to the work of medical experts and advocates, Americans have more options than ever when it comes to quitting smoking.

Sure, quitting isn’t for everyone, and some folks will smoke until the day they keel over, but for those looking to make a change, the 21st century is perhaps the best time in history to give it a shot.

There are all manner of supplemental nicotine products out there, from lozenges to patches to gum.  Perhaps the most powerful and ubiquitous cessation device, the e-cigarette, is about to get a little harder to come by, however, and thanks to Joe Biden’s FDA.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to order the popular Juul e-cigarettes off the market in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Anonymous sources told the outlet the FDA will reject Juul’s application for authorization for its tobacco- and menthol-flavored products to remain on the United States market. The denial order, which could come as early as Wednesday, would follow a roughly two-year review process of data the vaping company presented in its quest to seek that authorization.

There could be a road back for the company…

However, despite the expected FDA decision on Juul, the way has been cleared for the company’s largest competitors — Reynolds American Inc. and NJOY Holdings Inc. — to stay on the market with tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes. “Industry observers had expected Juul to receive similar clearance,” the WSJ said.

This, along with the possibility that the Biden White House will lower the percentage of nicotine allowed in cigarettes, will almost certainly create a massive boon for the cigarette industry as a whole, as consumers will be forced to buy more of the real thing.