Biden’s Flash Of Sanity Is A Warning To Middle America – WATCH

On February 24, 2023 Biden was headed off to another vacation and he had a moment of sanity.

On his way out of town, a reporter asked President Biden if he was planning to travel to East Palestine, Ohio.

What happened next is the real Joe Biden.

Below is a partial transcript:

Reporter: Will you go to East Palestine, Ohio?  Are you planning to travel to East Palestine, Ohio?

THE PRESIDENT:  This time, I’m not.  I was — I did a whole video — I mean — you know, the — what the hell — on —

Reporter: Zoom?

The President:  Zoom!  Zoom.  All I can hear every time I think of Zoom is that song of my generation, “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”

Reporter: Sir —

Reporter: you —

The President: Guys, wait, wait, wait.  Let me answer the question.

The answer is that I — I had a long meeting with my team as to what they’re doing.  You know, we were there two hours after the train went down.  Two hours.  I’ve spoken with every single major figure in both the Uni- — in both Pennsylvania and in O- — and in Ohio.

And so, the idea that we’re not engaged is just simply not — not there.  And, initially, there was not a request for me to go out, even before I was heading over to Kyiv.


Since when did a President have to be invited when a crisis strikes the country? Maybe Joe did come from middle America but that was a LONG time ago. When the meds wear off Biden is just a senile elitist who doesn’t give a rip about flyover country.

Biden also let another little nugget slip.

Apparently, the White House is having “private discussions” about providing F-16s to Ukraine.