Biden’s Next Round of Russia Sanctions are INSANE!

As silly as it might sounds to say it, especially with people dying and nuclear war potentially right around the corner, there is a very entertaining bit of gamesmanship going on between the White House and the Kremlin at the moment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has telegraphed just about every move of this Ukraine invasion with the gall of absolute madman.  The world knew he was going to do it, and he knew what the consequences would be if he did it.  He chose to ignore that and lie to his people about what was going on.

So the sanctions came…but not all at once.  With every step Putin took, US President Joe Biden tacked on a few more painful fiscal penalties.

And now that Putin is at his wit’s end, (and growing dangerously desperate as he does do), Biden is sending a fairly substantial warning shot across his bow.

The Biden administration will reportedly sanction hundreds of Russian lawmakers in an extension of current sanctions on the Kremlin over its nearly monthlong invasion of Ukraine.

The administration has prepared sanctions to be announced Thursday by President Biden on his upcoming trip to Europe, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Biden, who is traveling to Europe for meetings with NATO allies, will announce sanctions on Russia’s lower house of parliament, known at the State Duma, in conjunction with announcements by the European Union (EU).

More than 300 lawmakers are set to be affected by the sanctions, which could help to push Putin out before he can do any more damage to the whole of civilization.