Bill Clinton Leaves Door Open for Wife to Jump Into 2020 Race

Halloween is traditionally a time of mischief and the macabre, and Democrats are facing a ghost story of their own this week:  It appears as though Hillary Clinton could be coming back to haunt them in 2020.

The former Secretary of State was once seemingly banished to her mansion in the affluent and idyllic hills of Upstate New York, allowing the Democrats to grow comfortable in their own company.  They believed that they were free of the Clinton curse once and for all.

But that is when the whispers started.  Political observers were spooked by the suddenly-full public schedule Hillary was engaging in, and began disseminating rumors online.  Then, a ghostly message appeared on Clinton’s own Twitter feed:  “Don’t tempt me”.

Now, the ghost of corruption past has until November 15th to file for candidacy in New Hampshire – something that is usually a public and gaudy affair.

Her husband Bill isn’t ruling it out.

Clinton watchers have been gathering the clues for some time now, hoping that their continued exposure of Hillary’s possible plans will allow the public to derail her.  After all, the Democrats would be absolutely sunk in 2020 should the former First Lady insert herself into the fray, for what are undoubtedly personal reasons.

Clinton is still considered by many on the left a persona non grata after it was discovered that her campaign effectively rigged the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders.