Bill Weld, GOP Primary Challenger to POTUS, Signals Support for Impeachment

As if the 2020 election wasn’t already brimming with strangeness and historical anomalies, we now have what is likely a bonafide first on the GOP side of things.

Incumbent President Donald Trump will be facing at least two Republican challengers during the primary season, with the RNC quickly working to rewrite rules in favor of boxing out these anti-Trump, right wing forces.

This isn’t the unprecedented part, however.  The most unusual piece of this political puzzle is that one of these political challengers will be supporting the incumbent President’s impeachment as he seeks the nomination.

2020 Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld expressed support Tuesday for the impeachment push by House Democrats, saying “it’s time” to move forward to a vote.

“America’s Newsroom” host Sandra Smith asked Weld if he is calling for an impeachment of Trump and the former Massachusetts governor responded, “I think that’s a yes. I think it’s time for the House to go ahead with their inquiry.”

“I think he’s in a tough spot on the law,” said Weld, who noted that he used to lead the Justice Department’s criminal division and worked on the impeachments of Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

Weld, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination against Trump, stressed that the framers of the Constitution were most concerned with foreign interference and a president using the office for private gain.

Weld hasn’t always fallen directly in line with the Republican party throughout his career, even running as the Vice Presidential candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2016.