Breaking News: Car Strikes Biden’s Motorcade

In a shocking turn of events on Sunday evening, a car crashed into President Joe Biden’s motorcade near his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. The incident occurred just as the president was leaving a meeting with his re-election team and getting ready to step back inside his armored SUV.

According to reports, the car hit a U.S. Secret Service vehicle that was being used to block an intersection near the headquarters. The driver then tried to continue into the closed-off intersection before being surrounded by federal law enforcement officials who quickly ordered the driver to put his hands up.

Video footage of the incident shows the president walking outside and engaging with a heckler when the loud crash grabs the attention of Secret Service agents. Biden is quickly ushered into his vehicle and driven away from the scene.

The driver of the car has been identified as a 46-year-old individual and has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and inattentive driving. Local Wilmington police are currently investigating the crash, but have ruled it as an accident. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that the driver was not considered a serious threat to the president.

It is reported that the president and first lady, Jill Biden, were not harmed in the incident and were safely driven back to their home. The White House has not yet released a statement about the incident.

Dailywire | Fox News