Biden Team Ramps up

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around because we have some major political drama unfolding! President Biden faces a massive campaign from all sides to keep his re-election hopes alive despite the critics and naysayers. Let’s dive into the juicy details of what’s happening behind the scenes and why it matters.

So, here’s the scoop: President Biden has no intention of stepping down from the race, and he’s got the full backing of First Lady Jill Biden, his family, and close friends. According to insiders, Biden is even considering stepping out of his comfort zone and facing the media head-on with a town hall or a major interview soon. This move could be a game-changer.

Now, let’s talk about the latest buzz. During a family gathering at Camp David, including Hunter Biden, the Bidens had a photoshoot with none other than celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. The family used this opportunity to rally behind the President, insisting that he stays in the race. A source close to the Bidens said, “They’re all-in, and want him to stay in,” emphasizing that the campaign is “charging ahead.”

But, of course, every campaign has its challenges. Some Biden friends and family members blamed his longtime aides for a lackluster performance, critiquing everything from data-heavy answers to his makeup. However, Biden smoothed things over by calling his former chief of staff, Ron Klain, assuring that neither he nor the family blames the prep team.

Campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz backed this up, stating, “The aides who prepped the president have been with him for years, often decades, seeing him through victories and challenges. He maintains strong confidence in them.” Klain, who will lead Biden’s prep for the next debate on ABC, echoed this sentiment, sharing, “In 38 years of working with Joe Biden, we’ve had many successes and some failures. I’m always happy to share in the good results and assume my share of the responsibility for the times we’ve come up short.”

Now, let’s get into the strategy. Biden’s inner circle is fighting back against calls for him to drop out. They argue that one bad night with a scratchy voice and a few mishaps isn’t enough to end his campaign. They’re using the full power of the White House and top Democrats to resist the pressure. Their biggest argument? Biden overwhelmingly won the Democratic primaries, and that result stands.

A source close to Biden had a bold message for the doubters, saying, “You guys don’t get to decide. That’s not how this works. We don’t have smoke-filled rooms. They just have to cool down. We live in a democracy, at least for now.”

Based on conversations with top officials and advisers, here’s the Biden survival strategy in a nutshell.

First off, they’re dismissing the “bedwetting” concerns, saying it’s much ado about nothing and emphasizing how hard Biden works, which drains his young staff. This attitude, however, is driving some elected officials and donors nuts, who feel it’s delusional.

Then, they’re squeezing polls for juice by circulating favorable results and ignoring contrary data, like a CBS/YouGov poll showing many voters think Biden isn’t up for the job.

Biden’s team is also warning of chaos, stressing the dangers of an open convention and the risk of picking a more unpopular Democrat, such as Vice President Kamala Harris. Their goal is unity after the Democratic convention in Chicago. To limit dissent, Biden allies have orchestrated supportive tweets from former Presidents Clinton and Obama and are keeping top Democratic leaders close to avoid internal rifts.

Reassuring donors is another critical step. Top backers like Jeffrey Katzenberg are working to calm the donor class while the campaign continues its fundraising efforts. To prove vitality, Biden’s team is seizing every opportunity to show he’s still energetic and capable, especially following a strong rally in North Carolina.

Finally, they’re managing the media by ignoring critical columnists but staying engaged with reporters covering presidential fitness.

Looking ahead, Biden’s camp believes combining a grand slam speech at the Democratic convention, a strong debate performance, and positive economic news will pave the way for a narrow victory. They believe voters will value Biden’s judgment and record over concerns about his age and debate performance.