Business Owner Has Had Enough With Thefts

A Los Angeles business owner is calling out Democratic politicians after a group of at least 10 thieves broke into his construction and electrical company early Wednesday morning.

Ryan Baggaley, the owner of Delta Construction and Electric Co., expressed frustration with L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and President Joe Biden for failing to protect small businesses from increasing break-ins.

In an interview with Fox 11 Los Angeles, Baggaley highlighted the growing issue of break-ins in his neighborhood, stating that “this whole strip has been broken into,” and that even his neighbors have been victimized multiple times.

He expressed disappointment in the politicians he voted for, saying “What are we supposed to do? We’re a small construction company…At some point, you have to give me a reason to vote for you again.”

The break-in was captured on surveillance footage from cameras used by Baggaley’s business, showing the thieves smashing through the gate with a stolen car before breaking into the building and taking anything they could steal.

Among the items stolen were music equipment that Baggaley and his brother had stored for their band. Baggaley estimated the thieves caused thousands of dollars in damages and stolen items.

Worryingly, the car used in the break-in was found to be stolen from an LAPD impound yard, with police recognizing it from a chalk mark on the vehicle’s window. Despite being notified by Baggaley’s Ring system and being urged to respond by his wife, it took police two hours to arrive at the scene. Baggaley expressed frustration and confusion over the delayed response, stating that police claimed they didn’t have any officers in the area.

This is not the first incident of organized theft in Los Angeles, as, in August, the city launched a task force to combat large group theft and robberies in retail stores. At the time, Mayor Bass called these crimes “unacceptable” and promised to hold the perpetrators accountable. However, Baggaley’s break-in serves as evidence that these measures have not been effective in preventing these crimes from occurring.

The frustration and anger expressed by Baggaley highlight the growing concerns of small business owners in Los Angeles who feel abandoned by their elected officials. With no clear solutions in sight, many are left feeling helpless and vulnerable to these types of crimes.