California Authorities Discover FAKE Ballot Drop-Off Locations!

We’ve heard a whole lot about voter fraud this year, as the 2020 election continues to provide us a number of challenges, some prompted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

This will be an election in which ballots arrive from all manner of sources.  Mail-in votes, absentee ballots, early voting – they are all on the table, and the myriad options for casting your ballot could lead to some supreme confusion at this critical juncture in our history.

For those Americans considered “at risk” for complications from coronavirus, however, these options allow for a safer voting experience than packing into a crowded room or a long line on November 3rd.

But there are concerns about unscrupulous political actors attempting to take advantage of the situation, and California authorities believe they may have already discovered just such a plot.

California officials have ordered the removal of unauthorized ballot drop boxes set up by Republicans in three Golden State counties.

“These unauthorized drop boxes are a disservice to state and local election administrators who have spent months working on the placement and deployment of official ballot drop boxes,” California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a news conference Monday, according to CNN.

Padilla said that images show the boxes are labeled as “official.” His office has issued a cease-and-desist order for their removal.

Officials within the California GOP defended the drop-off boxes, but to no avail.

“We hope that the message goes out loud and clear to anyone who is trying to improperly solicit, obtain, and manage a citizen’s vote that they are subject to prosecution,” State Attorney GeneralXavier Becerra (D) said. “I’m trying to be careful with how I say this, but the reports we are hearing are disturbing.”

With the election now just three weeks away, we as American citizens must do our very best to protect the sanctity and security of our right to vote.