California Republicans Walk Out In Protest During Ceremony

Republicans in the California State Legislature have taken a principled stand against the decision to honor “Sister Roma” of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an anti-Catholic group known for mocking Catholic beliefs. The controversy surrounding this group has further deepened due to their involvement with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Sister Roma, whose real name is Michael Williams, is a man who dresses in drag as a Catholic nun and mocks the crucifixion of Jesus. While advocating for alternative sexual identities, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have actively engaged in mocking Catholicism as part of their performance repertoire. This decision to honor such a group during Pride month has raised eyebrows and divided opinions, particularly among Republicans who believe it is an inappropriate choice.

Earlier this year, the Dodgers initially extended an invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to participate in the team’s annual LGBTQ+ Pride night on June 16. However, following objections from Catholic groups, the Dodgers rescinded the invitation. Subsequently, the invitation was reinstated when activists within the gay community expressed their dissatisfaction. This flip-flopping decision has only added fuel to the fire.

Given that Los Angeles has a significant Catholic population, with many faithful among the Dodgers’ fan base, the Republican legislators voiced their concerns about honoring an anti-Catholic group. They believe that Pride month should primarily focus on celebrating and honoring queer citizens and leaders, rather than elevating a group that actively denigrates a religious faith held dear by many in the community.

Protests against this controversial decision unfolded on the steps of the Capitol, where Catholic and evangelical demonstrators gathered to peacefully voice their opposition. The protesters engaged in a prayer vigil, emphasizing the significance of their faith and the need for respect in honoring diverse perspectives during Pride month.

It is important to note that State Senator Scott Wiener, a prominent Democrat from San Francisco, nominated Michael Williams for this legislative honor. Senator Wiener has been associated with numerous controversial pieces of sexual legislation in California, including laws that provide sanctuary for transgender children seeking medical interventions and decriminalize loitering for the purposes of prostitution, which has allegedly led to an increase in child prostitution on the streets.

Warning: This following video may be disturbing to some viewers.