Camping is now RACIST, According to Prominent Newspaper

Sometimes, the nation throws us a headline or an idea that is just too gauche for its time, even in this – the age of wokeness.

You see, everyone and their brother is out to out-woke one another, or commit the next big social justice gesture that forever changes the way our world operates.  Our language changes constantly on account of this, and not always in a clean and thoughtful way.

The same could be said about the way in which we report the news, with more and more once-respects newspapers offering ever-stranger takes on what is and isn’t okay in America these days.

In the case of the Los Angeles Times, they may have just jumped the shark.

The Los Angeles Times reported that recreational camping has a “complicated” past when it comes to racism and the cost of camping gear is a “barrier” preventing minorities from enjoying the hobby.

“Camping is often called America’s favorite outdoor activity,” the Los Angeles Times posted on its Twitter account, along with an article titled, “Want more diversity in camping? Start with the gear.”

“But camping and national parks have a complicated past when it comes to racial equality and equal access for all. One modern barrier to entry: the cost of camping gear,” the tweet continued.

But what the LA Times is insinuating is not so much about race as is it about wealth, or about societal class structure.  Which means that this is an article not about racism, as the profound and purposefully salacious headlines and bylines suggested, but one about a symptom of the issue.

That doesn’t sell newspapers, though, does it?