CARTEL CHAOS! Bloody Border Town Battle Leaves 21 Dead

It would be foolish to fall for the liberal fallacy that everyone and every thing coming access the southern border is routine and harmless.  It isn’t.  And in no way is that a statement containing any racial or ethnic undertones.

There are bad, bad hombres in Mexico with a taste for blood and the American black market, and they won’t cease or desist, no matter who’s in the Oval Office.

Drug cartels are the scourge of Mexico.  They plunder and pillage with aplomb having infiltrated and compromised a vast swatch of local and state authorities.  Money talks, and the drug trade into the United States has provided these ruthless gangs with plenty of cold hard cash.

Their gruesome way of life was on full display this week in Téjas.

Four police officers were among nearly two dozen people killed after security forces engaged in an hour-long gunbattle with suspected cartel members Saturday in a Mexican town near the U.S. border, days after President Trump said he was moving to designateMexican drug cartels as terror organizations.

The shootout happened around noon in the small town of Villa Union, a town in Coahuila state located about an hour’s drive southwest of Eagle Pass, Texas.

Coahuila state Gov. Miguel Angel Riquelme told local media that four of the dead were police officers killed in the initial confrontation and that several municipal workers were missing. On Sunday, the Coahuila state government said that security forces killed seven additional members of the gang, bringing the death toll to at least 21.

The troublemakers rolled into town with the pomp and circumstance of a traveling army.

The armed group of suspected cartel members stormed the town of 3,000 residents in a convoy of trucks, attacking local government offices and prompting state and federal forces to intervene. Ten alleged members of the Cartel of the Northeast were initially killed in the response.

If the American Democrats can’t seem to find a sense of urgency regarding immigration reform, the cartels will have no problem rolling their convoys ever further north in search of America’s black market.