Catholic Students Face Resistance in Protest

A peaceful demonstration conducted by members of TFP Student Action, a Catholic activist group, outside the Art Institute of Chicago turned confrontational as counter-protesters engaged in physical altercations, including shoving and spray-painting the Catholic students. The protest was organized to raise concerns over “drag queen story hours” and the potential sexualization of children.

The TFP Student Action members held signs with messages such as “Honk! Stop Promoting LGBT Lifestyle to Kids” to voice their objections to what they see as the premature introduction of adult-oriented concepts to young children. Bystanders’ reactions to the demonstration were mixed, with some expressing support for the activists’ cause, while others resorted to name-calling and offensive remarks.

One witness, who identified herself as a math teacher, applauded the demonstrators’ efforts to engage in dialogue despite differing opinions. However, another passerby, accompanied by a dog, hurled insults at one of the students, labeling them a “hateful bigot” and dismissing their concerns.

As the protest continued, tensions escalated when a counter-protester with red hair disrupted students who were engaged in prayer. She shouted slogans in favor of LGBT rights, accusing the students of bigotry. Matters took a more serious turn later in the day when the same red-haired individual returned with a can of spray paint and allegedly defaced the students’ signs. During the ensuing altercation, some students and a teacher were inadvertently sprayed with paint.

Rex Teodosio, the leader of the TFP group, reported that he suffered injuries, including burning eyes and inflammation, after being hit in the face with the spray paint. The counter-protester continued to hurl derogatory remarks while committing the act, then quickly left the scene before police officers arrived.

In response to the assault, Teodosio stated that despite the pain and inconvenience caused by the incident, he remains steadfast in his mission to protect the innocence of children and shield them from what he perceives as grooming and corruption.

“Getting hit in the face with spray paint is not pleasant. My eyes are stinging, inflamed, and bloodshot,” Teodosio said. “The attacker yelled ‘bigot’ and ‘hater’ as she destroyed our signs and ruined our clothes with paint — she played the victim as she committed the crime. But the sacrifice is all worth it because I know I’m building a culture that protects the innocence of children and shields them from grooming and corruption.”

The incident has sparked outrage within the TFP Student Action group, and they are determined to press assault charges against the alleged perpetrator. In a press release, they expressed their commitment to peaceful protest and the defense of their values.