Charlamagne tha God Comments On Biden Admin

Charlamagne tha God (Lenard Larry McKelvey) is a radio host and Daily Show star who rose to prominence in 2020 after Joe Biden appeared on his show and made a now-infamous statement: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.” This bigoted and ridiculous outburst gained national attention and put Charlamagne on the map.

Despite this incident, Charlamagne went on to endorse Biden for one reason: Kamala Harris. When Harris was running her presidential campaign, he spoke highly of her and treated her as if she were the second coming. However, his endorsement of her was short-sighted and based on faulty logic. Harris has a long track record of Failing Up and has been criticized for her handling of various issues, yet Charlamagne threw his support behind her.

In a conversation with CNN host Don Lemon, Charlamagne expressed his frustration with “old white male leadership in politics.” Yet, he went on to endorse and vote for the Biden-Harris ticket, perpetuating the same cycle he claimed he was tired of.

Fast forward to 2024 and Charlamagne’s tune has changed. In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, he expressed his disappointment in Vice President Harris. He stated, “Once they got in the White House, she … kind of disappeared.” It begs the question, where was this realization in 2020 when he was urging others to vote for her?

Charlamagne’s about-face regarding Harris is a lesson in the dangers of blindly following a political figure without fully understanding their record or policies. One can only hope that people who listen to Charlamagne’s radio program or watch his television show will take this lesson to heart and become more informed and critical voters.

The 2020 election showed the power of influential voices in swaying public opinion. But without individuals taking the time to educate themselves and think critically, we are at risk of falling for empty promises and faulty logic.

Charlamagne’s change of heart towards Harris also speaks to the overall disillusionment of the Black community with the Biden-Harris administration. This disillusionment can be seen in the increasing numbers of Black voters peeling away from the Democrat Party. The promises of progress and change made by Biden-Harris have largely gone unfulfilled, and Charlamagne’s disappointment reflects that of many Black Americans.

Red State