China Adds to WWIII Hype with New Military Assets

Over the course of the last several months, the world around us has gotten a bit turbulent, to say the least and there are fears that World War III maybe right around the corner.

Much of this concern has arisen in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent nuclear threats that Vladimir Putin has made to avoid any direct intervention from the west.

But now, further to the east, more trouble has arrived.

Beijing launched a new-generation aircraft carrier Friday, the first such ship to be both designed and built in China, in a milestone as it seeks to extend the range and power of its navy.

The Type 003 carrier christened Fujian left its drydock at a shipyard outside Shanghai in the morning and tied up at a nearby pier, state media reports said.

State broadcaster CCTV showed assembled navy personnel standing beneath the massive ship as water jets sprayed over its deck, multi-colored streamers flew and colorful smoke was released.

The message was clear: China is here to compete.

Equipped with the latest weaponry and aircraft-launch technology, the Type 003 ship’s capabilities are thought to rival those of Western carriers, as Beijing seeks to turn its navy, already the world’s largest, into a multi-carrier force.

World leaders have begun to fear that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will embolden China to take a similar approach in regard to Taiwan – a move that the US has already suggested could lead to a military conflict between the two superpowers.