China Embarrassed Again as Olympic Worker Ruins Slalom Event

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most embarrassing installments of the international competition in a long time…and maybe ever.

For many around the world, the event should never have happened.  China’s long history of human rights abuses, (and their ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims), should have been enough to have the games pulled from the country.

And then there are the accusations of inhumane conditions for the athletes and referees making calls that appear completely biased in favor of the Chinese teams.

The latest controversial pockmark on “The Genocide Games” comes after a course worker interfered on the slalom course, ruining the competition.

Bulgarian alpine skier Eva Vukadinova got a do-over in the women’s first slalom run at the Winter Olympics on Wednesday after a course worker got in her way. But on Instagram, she furiously groused that it was “not the same” and said she was “beyond disappointed.”

“I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TODAY,” Vukadinova, 20, wrote after she was forced off the course by an Olympics worker who’d left a tool attached to a gate that marks the course.

“Not when you have to ski down to the chair lift, go up, go down the start (with my race ski) and start almost immediately. Sure, I may be not a top level skier or fighting for the podium, but I also worked a lot to get here!!! Don’t I at least deserve the same CHANCE like everyone else?”

She would go on to put a positive spin on the whole thing.

Vukadinova, who fractured a bone in her hand during Monday’s giant slalom, suggested Tuesday’s bungle “happened for a reason” and expressed gratitude that she hadn’t been injured.

“One thing is to be on course to fix something, other thing is to leave a heavy metal like that on the gate. And on top of that to pretend that it’s completely normal,” she wrote. “I am sad, really sad, but also happy and proud of myself that i was fighting till the end. I will also never get rid of the smile on my face, cause nothing can bring me down.”

This latest, nearly farcical incident may be the one that finally has the world wondering if these Olympics should forever have an asterisk attached to them.