Chinese Spy Balloon Had MAJOR Effect of Pentagon Operations

DF-ST-87-06962 The Pentagon, headquarters of the Department of Defense. DoD photo by Master Sgt. Ken Hammond, U.S. Air Force.

Last week, President Joe Biden came under fire from Americans on both sides of the aisle over his handling of a Chinese spy balloon that was floating unfettered over our nation.

Well, to be more accurate, it was his reluctance to handle the situation that conjured all manner of criticisms for the Commander in Chief, who eventually relented and shot the invasive device down after it had floated out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, just days later, the Department of Defense has been forced to admit that Biden’s lack of punctuality caused a great deal of stress for the Pentagon, and it may have even impacted their ability to properly defend our nation.

The admission came from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during an interview with David Martin on CBS.

Martin asked, “You don’t know what it was looking for, but you certainly know what you were concerned about it looking for. What were you concerned about it looking for?”

Austin answered, “Well, I — certainly, all of our strategic assets, we made sure that we were buttoned down and movement was limited and communications were limited so that we didn’t expose any capability unnecessarily.”

Martin then asked, “By strategic assets you mean the nuclear force?”

Austin responded that by “strategic assets,” he meant the nuclear force.

Then, clarifying:

Martin then asked, “So, the nuclear bases across this country from Montana to Whiteman in Missouri, all across, they were all buttoned up?”

Austin responded, “They were.”

The stunning declaration will surely have Americans again wondering why it took so long for the President to down the Chinese spying device.