Chuck Schumer Asks for Big Name Witnesses in Upcoming Senate Trial

House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff doesn’t quite know it yet, but he will be the reason for the Democrats’ downfall on impeachment.

His attempts to turn the House rules on their head in pursuit of the President’s impeachment have left a horrible taste in the mouths of the GOP.  Now, with a Republican-held Senate set to take up the case, the Democrats are arriving back at the negotiating table with their tails tucked and a lopsided legacy to talk their way out of.

Still, they are making requests of extraordinary magnitude.

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and ex-national security adviser John Bolton to testify in President Trump’s expected impeachment trial.

In a letter to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday, Schumer proposed having Mulvaney and Bolton subpoenaed, along with a Mulvaney adviser, Robert Blair, and a budget official, Michael Duffey.

The New York lawmaker said the proposed witnesses have “direct knowledge of Administration decisions” related to the charges against Trump.

McConnell, who has already agreed to meet with Schumer, release a statement reiterating that coming pow-wow, but with few other details to spare.

The Senate Majority Leader has stressed time and again his preference for a short and swift trial in the Senate, and has all but guaranteed President Trump’s acquittal already.