CNN partially doxxed Ukraine whistleblower live, on-air

No matter what side of the impeachment drama you find yourself on politically, we can all agree that the whistleblowers involved must remain protected from retaliation.

There is no grey area here, no wishy-washy other options.  If whistleblowers become afraid of telling us of the misdeeds that they’ve witnessed, it affects our ability as Americans to conduct oversight of our government.  This is not acceptable.

That’s why it has been so disheartening to see the mainstream media, on several occasions, partially dox the whistleblower responsible for the Ukraine complaint.

First, several sources indicated that the person behind the formal filing was a CIA employee assigned to the White House.

Now, as if that weren’t bad enough, CNN’s Jake Tapper has taken things even a step further.

Tapper said, “First from CNN, a source familiar with the whistleblower investigation tells me that the political bias referred to by the Intelligence Community Inspector General is that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat. That is the bias. The IG acknowledged the bias in his statement that said didn’t change the facts of the whistleblower complaint. The attorney for the whistleblower declined to give us a comment.

As these details continue to pile up, the ability of the whistleblower to remain anonymous becomes ever more difficult.

It goes without saying that, should the whistleblower’s full identity be discovered, they could be in serious danger of retaliation – especially now that the mainstream media has been doing everything in their power to divide this nation down political lines.

Furthermore, should this anonymous complainant find themselves outed, future whistleblowers will be far more reticent to come forward, allowing our already out-of-control government to continue down its dark and damning path.