CNN’s Jake Tapper Agrees With Republicans’ Concerns Over Hunter Probe- What?

U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s appointment as special counsel for the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation has sparked significant controversy and raised questions among Republicans, with even CNN anchor Jake Tapper acknowledging that some of these concerns “have merit.”

Weiss, who previously faced criticism for a contentious plea deal involving Hunter Biden, has now been granted broader authority by Attorney General Merrick Garland to bring charges in the ongoing probe into the president’s son. This move has triggered skepticism from Republicans, who argue that the appointment could be an attempt to shield the Biden family from scrutiny.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, condemned the decision, accusing the Justice Department of potentially orchestrating a cover-up to protect President Biden’s family. Comer’s remarks underscore a growing sentiment within the GOP that the investigation may be influenced by political considerations.

Tapper, typically known for his balanced commentary, also raised valid questions about the appointment. He noted that Weiss’s selection as special counsel, despite his role in the “colossal failure” of the previous plea deal, raises eyebrows. Tapper questioned why the Justice Department would entrust Weiss with such a critical position, particularly when it involves investigating a high-profile case like Hunter Biden’s.

Furthermore, Tapper delved into the mixed signals regarding Weiss’s jurisdiction. He pointed out inconsistencies in Weiss’s claims about his authority, citing whistleblowers who alleged that Weiss had indicated limitations on his ability to bring charges outside of Delaware. Tapper suggested that Weiss’s new appointment might lend credibility to these whistleblowers’ claims.

This shift in tone from Tapper marks a departure from his previous characterization of House Republicans’ findings about the Biden family’s financial dealings as “sleazy” but not necessarily criminal. Tapper’s willingness to acknowledge the legitimacy of Republican concerns highlights the complexity of the situation and the potential implications for the ongoing investigation.

Republicans have also voiced frustration over perceived obstacles to the investigation’s progress. Comer detailed alleged hindrances from multiple agencies, including the DOJ, FBI, and IRS, and cited testimony from IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. Shapley claimed that Weiss had conveyed to witnesses that the DOJ had prevented him from pursuing charges against Hunter Biden in certain jurisdictions. Attorney General Garland, however, has denied any interference in the investigation.

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