CNN’s Jake Tapper Reverses Course On Trump!

In a surprising turn of events, CNN anchor Jake Tapper made an unexpected admission regarding the long-awaited 2016 Trump-Russia investigation report from special counsel John Durham. Tapper, known for his critical stance on former President Donald Trump, conceded that the report does, to a certain extent, exonerate Trump. This acknowledgment has sent shockwaves through the media landscape, stirring up a wave of reactions and controversy.

Tapper’s statement came as he discussed the release of the 306-page report by Durham, who was tasked by former Attorney General Bill Barr to examine the propriety of the FBI’s investigation into President Trump. The report, which Tapper described as devastating to the FBI, revealed significant flaws in the agency’s handling of the investigation and shed light on stark differences in its approach to the Trump probe compared to other politically sensitive cases.

According to the report, the FBI launched its investigation into Trump without any evidence to support the allegations of a Trump-Russia scandal. This finding calls into question the validity of the entire investigation and raises concerns about the agency’s adherence to the law and its duty to uphold justice. The report also highlights the FBI’s repeated failures to meet important requirements and its disregard for proper protocols when seeking renewals of surveillance warrants.

Tapper’s unexpected admission has ignited a firestorm of criticism, particularly from those who accuse him of fueling the collusion narrative in the past. Sean Davis, CEO and co-founder of The Federalist, called Tapper “Patient Zero” for his role in perpetuating the alleged collusion story back in January 2017. Davis demanded a personal apology from Tapper, holding him accountable for his part in promoting a narrative that turned out to be baseless.

Meanwhile, former CNN sports correspondent Keith Olbermann seized the opportunity to condemn Tapper and accused him of propagandizing. Olbermann dismissed Tapper’s characterization of the Durham Report as devastating to the FBI, asserting that there were no charges and that Tapper’s conclusions were merely partisan in nature. Olbermann went as far as to call for Tapper’s resignation, highlighting what he perceives as a lack of journalistic integrity at CNN under the influence of the network’s new leadership.

As the dust settles and reactions continue to pour in, it is evident that Tapper’s admission has sparked a heated debate within the media landscape. The Durham Report’s findings have not only cast doubt on the integrity of the FBI’s actions but have also forced some individuals to reassess their stance on the Trump-Russia investigation. While Tapper’s acknowledgment of Trump’s exoneration to a certain degree may have surprised many, it remains to be seen how this revelation will impact the ongoing political discourse and the public’s perception of the investigation itself.