Colorado Drone Mystery Turns Terrifying as Possible Targets Revealed

Several weeks ago, well-populated drone formations began appearing in the night sky over Colorado.

Given the vast remoteness of the areas in which the drones were spotted, many believed them to be some sort of recurring, military test mission.  Reports that the aircraft were flying in grid patterns seemed to point to some official government or law enforcement reason for their sudden arrival.

But the truth was, and still remains, that no one knows who is flying them.

New reports out of The Centennial State are adding fuel to the conspiratorial fire as well, as a worrisome pattern begins to emerge.

What’s weird, even for those who discount the possibility that the UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin, is the low population of Eastern Colorado, an expanse of rural farmland. Why bother mounting such a sustained campaign of drone aerobatics in a place with so few people and so little industry?

“Everyone knows that the alien spacecraft prefer the American Southwest.”

Unless, of course, people and industry aren’t the targets. Some of the counties where drones have been spotted do butt up against F.E. Warren Air Force Base in neighboring Wyoming. There, airmen at the base man and protect around 200 underground silos housing Minuteman nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), each packing enough firepower to wipe out several cities.

It’s disturbing enough to see formations of glowing drones maneuvering in a grid pattern over sparsely populated expanses of land. It’s more disturbing still to see them lingering near nuclear-missile silos.

A special task force was created in Colorado in order to get to the bottom of the mystery drone business, but no new details have emerged from their closed-door meetings.