Coming Bombshell IG Report Now Affecting Even Michael Flynn’s Case

The Democrats’ push for impeachment has been hurried, to say the least, thanks to the coming release of a report by the DOJ’s Investigator General into allegations of possible government spying on the 2016 Trump campaign.

That report, scheduled for release on December 9th, has the potential to wildly swing public opinion in the direction of Donald Trump – something that could send the wavering spasms of support for impeachment into remission.

But the impact of this investigation could go far beyond mere public opinion.

A federal judge on Wednesday delayed the sentencing of President Donald Trump‘s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Judge Emmet Sullivan delayed Flynn’s sentence “until further Order of this Court” after lawyers for both Flynn and the Department of Justice wrote a joint request to delay the hearing as they weigh whether to ask the government to provide him classified materials.

The joint filing also notes an inspector general report on the FBI’s Russia investigation is set to release on Dec. 9 and is expected to clear top FBI officials from abusing their powers due to bias against Trump.

Both parties said they share the goal to move the case along expeditiously but said supplemental memos required to be filed within days of the inspector general report would be incomplete as they expect it will examine topics “related to several matters raised by the defendant.”

Flynn is accused of lying to the FBI during Robert Mueller’s “RussiaGate” investigation.  His lawyers insist that the interviews in question were held improperly and that further evidence could exonerate his client.