Congressman Makes INSANE Claim About UFO ‘Wreckage’

This week, the US Congress will take a bold step in the direction of extraterrestrial disclosure, giving the American people a hearty look inside the government’s once-secretive UFO research programs.

On Tuesday, government UFO experts will testify before Congress in a publicly televised hearing to discuss what we know, and don’t know, about the bizarre phenomenon.  During the hearing, the nation will be getting a glimpse of some recently declassified military video of encounters between pilots and, well, something, as well as receive under-oath answers about the potential national security threat raised by these incursions.

But, just hours ahead of those hearings, one Congressman has an extraordinary bit of information to share.

Rep. Tim Burchett – a long term advocate for disclosure – told The Sun Online he has been informed by reliable sources that “material” has been recovered from the objects or craft that have been reported in skies over the US.

The Tennessee Republican declined to elaborate further as he said the information had been passed to him in a “classified setting”.

“I’ve been told by multiple sources we have recovered something from these [crafts or objects],” Mr Burchett told The Sun Online.

For decades, Americans have speculated as to the information being held by our government on the subject of unidentified flying objects, with plenty of suggestions about crashed saucers having been scooped up by men with badges in dark black suits.

Burchett’s claim may have just sealed the deal.