Coronavirus Relief Bill Stalls After Nancy Pelosi Throws a Fit!

Americans are about to embark on one hell of a journey, through a global pandemic the likes of which the modern age has likely never seen.  And while we are lucky that the illness at hand isn’t deadlier, the truly worrisome impact of continuing Covid-19 will be an economic one.

That’s why President Trump has been pushing hard, every day, for Congress to pass a virus relief package that includes cash for each and every American, monthly, for the duration of the national emergency.

Unfortunately, it appears as though virulent never-Trumper Nancy Pelosi is now standing in the way of that much-needed relief.

The GOP-controlled Senate on Sunday failed to move forward with considering the $1.4 trillion “Phase Three” stimulus package intended to help businesses and families devastated by the downturn over the coronavirus outbreak, as Senate Majority Leader McConnell, R-Ky., blasted Democrats opposed to the plan.

The vote came while at least five GOP senators were in self-quarantine, including Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who became the first U.S. senator to announce he tested positive for the virus. Senators were asked to practice social distancing and were given a list of health guidelines to follow while entering the chamber.

Many Democrats had complained that the draft aid package did not go far enough to provide health care and unemployment aid for Americans, and failed to put restraints on a proposed $500 billion “slush fund” for corporations, saying the ban on corporate stock buy-backs are weak and the limits on executive pay would last only two years.

The American people won’t likely tolerate much delay in the release of these funds, particularly as the first of the month rolls around in just over a week.