Corrections Officer FIRED After Being Caught on Video MOCKING George Floyd’s Death

With all of the ugly and despicable scenes that Americans have been subjected to over the course of the last few weeks, you would hope that some of us would grow just a little bit of a conscience.  Or that we would at least have some compassion.

But, no.  There are still some of us out there who are truly lost, living on an island of hatred and apathy unto themselves.

A group of white men seen mocking George Floyd’s death as Black Lives Matter protesters passed by included a corrections officer in South Jersey, officials confirmed to NBC10.

A man – whose identity has not been verified – was seen kneeling on another man laying down along Delsea Drive as a group marched past in Franklin Township on Monday. Another man with the group filmed the others.

The video is disturbing.

Several of the employers of the men pictured in the video have responded to the footage.

The NJ Department of Corrections said in a statement that one of the men involved was a corrections officer at Bayside State Prison.

“We have been made aware that one of our officers from Bayside State Prison participated in the filming of a hateful and disappointing video that mocked the killing of George Floyd,” an NJ Department of Corrections statement said. That person, who the statement did not identify, has been suspended and banned while the agency investigates.

FedEx told Memphis, Tennessee, NBC affiliate WMC-TV late Tuesday that another person involved in the counter protest is no longer employed by the logistics company. FedEx said “we do not tolerate the kind of appalling and offensive behavior depicted in this video.”

NBC10 later learned the man kneeling is a FedEx employee, and the NJ corrections officer was off to the side filming.

We can think of few actions more despicable than this.