Crazy: Mayor Adams Wants To House Migrants In Private Residences!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, is under fire for his handling of the ongoing migrant crisis in the city. In a recent press conference, Adams suggested that private residences should start taking in migrants and proposed paying homeowners and landlords to house migrants in spare rooms. This idea has sparked increasing criticism from conservatives and residents alike.

Ben Domenech, editor-at-large of The Spectator, called out liberal leaders like Adams, stating that they champion their sanctuary city status but lack the capability to handle the challenges that arise when faced with an influx of migrants. Domenech argues that when these leaders are actually called upon to provide necessary services, they scramble to find solutions because they are ill-prepared to address the problem at hand.

Adams announced a partnership with New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) to allow up to 50 houses of worship or faith-based spaces to offer overnight shelter for single adult men. Additionally, the city plans to open five off-site daytime centers to support asylum seekers during the day. Adams expressed his vision to extend this program to private residences, claiming that it would be more cost-effective and beneficial for both migrants and New Yorkers.

However, the proposal to involve private residences has faced significant backlash. Many New York City residents are frustrated with Adams’ administration for not adequately addressing the migrant surge and feel that their concerns are being ignored. Reports have surfaced about migrants causing issues in hotels, and the recent use of school gymnasiums as temporary housing for migrants has further fueled public outrage.

Critics, including FOX Business’ Gerri Willis and City Councilman Joe Borelli, argue that Adams’ suggestion is unrealistic and highlights the lack of viable solutions from the city government. Borelli, a Republican, states that the situation has reached a critical point, and it is unclear how the city plans to rectify the ongoing crisis.

The financial aspect of housing migrants is also a concern. The New York Post reported that the city’s Office of Management and Budget pays approximately $380 per night for households to stay at hotels acting as shelters. Adams’ plan to utilize houses of worship is expected to cost significantly less at around $125 per night.

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