DARK BRANDON RETURNS: Unscheduled Speech Coming Wednesday Night

It has only been a matter of weeks since President Joe Biden’s disastrous and heavily-mocked “Dark Brandon” speech, in which the Commander in Chief made it clear that he views the right wing of the Republican Party as a “threat to democracy”, stoking the angst of a nation already at its tipping point.

Now, with less than a week remaining before Americans head to the polls for the most contentious midterm elections in modern history, it appears as though Biden will again look to stir the pot.

President Biden will deliver remarks on “preserving and protecting our democracy” at a Democratic National Committee event in Washington, D.C., White House officials and the DNC said Wednesday.

The president is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. ET at the Columbus Club in Union Station, where he will address “the threat of election deniers and those who seek to undermine faith in voting and democracy,” according to a DNC advisory.

It appears as though this will be yet another “soul of America” sort of affair.

White House senior adviser Anita Dunn and Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon announced the president’s impending remarks at an Axios event Wednesday morning.

“Well, obviously, President Biden has been speaking about democracy for the entire time he’s been in office. And before then know, I think you can expect to hear from him this evening similar to what he’s been saying over the course of the last several months, that there is a lot at stake, including democracy, and that everyone has a role on that,” Dillon told Axios’ Mike Allen at the Axios News Shapers event in the nation’s capital.

The imagery and content of Biden’s previous speech was widely criticized by political pundits and Americans alike for its hyperbolic nature and its characterization of the MAGA Movement as un-American.