Dem Congressmans Video Goes Viral

There are growing concerns that President Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic nominee may be in a weaker position than previously thought, with Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips pointing to his disappointing performance in the South Carolina primary as evidence.

Despite widespread support from party leaders and a strong showing in early contests, Biden’s dominance in the Democratic primary appears to be tenuous at best, according to Phillips. In an appearance on MSNBC’s The Weekend, the congressman argued that Biden’s overwhelming win in South Carolina, where he captured 96% of the vote, does not necessarily translate to strength in the general election.

“The reality is, you have an incumbent president who is facing 96% support from his own party, and yet Joe Biden is still only polling at 37% approval among the general public,” Phillips stated. “That’s a concerning position for any candidate to be in.”

Phillips also criticized his fellow Democrats for not acknowledging the potential for a disastrous outcome if Biden is the nominee. “I’m just being honest and saying the quiet part out loud,” he said. “DC insiders like to pretend everything is fine, but we all know the truth. If we continue down this path, we are leading ourselves and our country straight towards disaster.”

Despite facing backlash from party leaders and facing a clear uphill battle in the primary, Phillips remains steadfast in his mission to challenge Biden. “Somebody has to do it,” he declared. “We cannot afford to ignore the reality of Biden’s low approval ratings and his struggles with key issues like Israel’s military actions in Gaza. If we don’t address these now, we could be handing another four years to Donald Trump.”

Phillips’ comments come on the heels of a new NBC poll showing Biden’s approval rating at a lowly 37%, the worst of his presidency. The poll also revealed that fewer than three in 10 voters approve of Biden’s handling of Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza, suggesting that the president is not adequately addressing key issues for the American public.

Moreover, Phillips pointed out that despite Biden’s strong showing in the Democratic primary, he continues to lag behind Trump in several policy and personal comparisons. In a hypothetical electoral rematch, Biden currently trails the former president by five percentage points, signaling potential weakness in the general election.

As the race for the Democratic nomination heads into Nevada, Phillips’ prospects look dim as he missed the filing deadline for the contest. However, the congressman maintains that his long-shot campaign is about principle, not just winning the nomination. “I am here to challenge Biden on key issues and to ensure that the Democratic Party nominates a candidate who can defeat Trump in November,” he stated.

While Phillips’ candidacy may seem like a drain on resources and a distraction, he argues that the party must face the uncomfortable truths about Biden’s standing with the American public.

The left is going crazy over Phillip’s comments, however, Phillip’s post on Twitter has received over 6 million views.  Maybe there’s something to what he’s saying…but with the left admit that- never.

Ultimately, Phillips’ remarks have sparked a debate within the Democratic Party about the wisdom of continuing to support Biden as the presumptive nominee. With the Michigan primary just around the corner, all eyes will be on whether Phillips’ message resonates with voters and prompts a shift in the party’s thinking.

The Guardian