Dem Rep. Says Trump ‘Must’ Take Witness Stand Over Jan. 6th

Now 6 months removed from the attempted insurrection at the US Capitol back on January 6th, America as we know her continues to change.

Gone are the days of subtle political spats with your neighbors, or good-natured ribbing of your siblings.  No, we live in the most competitive era of politicking imaginable.  It’s the sort of drifting moral morasses that makes you wonder just how long it can all go on for before something has to give.

Now, in another symptom of the insanity of our current Washington DC climate, California Rep. Ro Khanna is telling CNN host Jim Acosta just how imperative it is that Congress gets Donald Trump into the witness stand.

Acosta asked, “On the January 6 Committee, should they try to bring in former President Trump to testify?

Khanna replied, “Yes, I don’t see how you don’t! They should bring in every relevant person to the hearings. It should be bipartisan, it should be factual. But how can you say that President Trump, who was giving speeches encouraging people to go into the Capitol, isn’t a material witness?”

Trump isn’t likely to simply show up to the hearing on his own, and there’s no telling whether or not Pelosi is likely to stomach the sort of legal rigamarole that comes with.