Democratic 2020 candidate comes out AGAINST impeachment

Now, as congressional democrats have formally announced their intent to open an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, many within the party itself are openly celebrating.

For months upon months, these liberal lawmakers have been clamoring for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make just such a move, citing what they believe is a long history of poor behavior by the President.  Even 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden jumped into the divisive fray today, usurping Pelosi’s announcement by a few hours with a statement of his own laying out plainly his hope that Congress would act should the President not cooperate with their line of questioning.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone in the democratic party is onboard with the idea of impeachment.

Tuesday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” 2020 presidential hopeful Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) warned the impeachment of President Donald Trump would further “divide the country.”

Gabbard said, “I think the question of impeachment would further tear apart an already divided country. I think it’s important Donald Trump is defeated. I believe I can defeat him in 2020. But it’s the voters who need to make that choice unequivocally.”

Gabbard’s candidacy has been a tumultuous one in the 2020 race.

After a recent debate performance, the Hawaiian House Rep. was the most searched candidate on the internet, a distinction that many believed would launch her into the top tier of democratic candidates for 2020.  It did not, and even now, after appearing on Joe Rogan’s extremely popular podcast, Gabbard has been unable to garner more than 1% of the vote in national polling.