Democrats Bring RussiaGate Hoax Back from The Dead for Impeachment Articles

You can see it on the faces of the Democrats this week, and in the desperation of their cohorts within the mainstream media.  The impeachment process is not going according to plan, and many within the Democratic Party are simply winging it at this point.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in the spring of 2019, reiterated her belief that impeachment must be undertaken only in the case that there was overwhelming bipartisan support for such an endeavor.  That hasn’t manifested itself, yet they proceed, now spurred on by the apparent revelations of the UkraineGate conspiracy theory.

Furthermore, Pelosi and her colleagues rebuked the idea of introducing impeachment in the wake of the Mueller report, believing at the time that the evidence was insufficient to warrant such a devastating and divisive maneuver.

Their hypocrisy apparently knows no bounds as we approach the end of the year, however, as prominent Democrats are now insinuating that the Mueller report’s evidence could very well make it into the articles of impeachment currently being drafted.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday described President Donald Trump’s posture toward Ukraine as part of a pattern of abuse of power and obstruction of justice that began with Trump’s efforts to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nadler’s comments at the Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing came as three constitutional lawyers called by Democrats testified that Trump’s actions toward Ukraine are the worst examples of misconduct in U.S. presidential history and such actions are the reason the framers included impeachment in the Constitution.

The chairman’s opening statement suggested that Democrats are strongly considering linking Mueller’s findings to the House impeachment inquiry, which has focused primarily on allegations that Trump abused the power of the presidency by pressuring Ukraine’s leaders to investigate his political rivals. Trump, Democrats have argued, sought to obstruct both the Ukraine investigation and the Mueller probe.

This is yet another sign that the Democrats are nervous about their prospects moving forward with impeachment against a popular and duly-elected President.