Democrats open to obscuring whistleblower’s identity during testimony

The Democratic party’s latest frenzy has thrown our nation asunder as we stare down the ungodly possibility of impeaching our president.

We do not desire this path whatsoever.  We do not need this as a distraction or as a distinction.  We would prefer our “public servants” get back to serving us, and not themselves.

But still they press on; hoping to somehow undo the democracy of the 2016 election simply because they didn’t win.

In their most recent escalation in the realm of impeachment, the Democrats are working on ways to garner testimony from a whistleblowing witness who must remain entirely anonymous.

House Democrats are weighing extraordinary steps to secure testimony from a whistleblower whose complaint prompted an impeachment inquiry, masking his identity to prevent President Donald Trump’s congressional allies from exposing the individual, according to three officials familiar with the deliberations.

The steps under consideration include having the whistleblower testify from a remote location and obscuring the individual’s appearance and voice, these officials said.

The efforts reflect the deepening distrust between Democrats running the impeachment inquiry of Trump and their GOP colleagues they see as fully invested in defending a president who has attacked the whistleblower’s credibility and demanded absolute loyalty from Republicans.

Both the New York Times and CNN have been admonished by the alternative media for their efforts to partially dox the the first UkraineGate whistleblower.

The President is now under pressure from three separate whistleblower complaints; two involving his diplomatic promises to Ukraine, and one who has alleged possible wrongdoing at the IRS regarding tax returns belonging either to President Trump or Vice President Pence.